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'67, a band that is based out of Toronto, Ontario, is a
quartet comprised of Benny Sanders (drums/guitar),
Steven (bass), Blair (keys/guitar) & Mario (lead guitar).
All four band members, experienced veterans of the
Canadian music scene, sing lead and background
vocals. '67, originally invisioned in 2006, was formed
in 2016 to promote the music and spirit of Canada.

The name of the band references the creation and
centennial of the country that is the northern half of
North America, and covers almost 10 million square
kilometres.  '67 covers music that is as diverse as
the country it represents, and includes the songs of:
Neil Young, Guess Who, David Wilcox, Chilliwack,
The Tragically Hip, Bryan Adams, The Beau Marks,
Lighthouse, B.T.O., Loverboy, Jack Scott, Red Rider, 
Jeff Healey, Ian & Sylvia, Triumph, Alannah Myles,
Stompin' Tom Connors, RUSH, Trooper, Crowbar,
The Fables, and Mr. Lee Van Leer to name a very
few.  This definitely isn't just your typical rock band. 
They not only play older vintage and classic rock,
blues and country, but include folk, pop and a few
surprises as well. You might even hear a little bit
of Canadian musical history.

'67 is a musical review of CANADA.


"'67" Downloads

'67 Band Poster - 11x17 & '67 Band Poster - 8x11
'67 EPK V 2.0 (Electronic Press Kit)
'67 Partial Song List